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From Scott White Owner of Personal Power Training Personal Training Serving Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley.


Dear Friend,

Hey I’m Scott White… a Scottsdale personal fitness trainer and weight loss specialist.

I GUARANTEE you’ll reach your fitness and weight loss goals with my program or I’ll give you ALL your money back… cuz’ if you don’t reach your goals with us I don’t want your money.

How can I make such a bold guarantee?


My hand selected team of personal trainers DO NOT use generic fitness routines. We DO NOT just “stand around” holding a clip board. We DO NOT stand around checking ourselves out in the mirror all day or spend more time on our phone or watching tv then focusing on you or go on and on telling you about our personal lives during the workouts. We don’t just set a pin in a machine, adjust the seat, and count your reps.

We do one thing…

We GET YOU INTO SHAPE by using cutting edge  workouts that have been proven by science to make you lose fat and get toned as FAST and as SAFELY as possible.

If you’re like most people who want to lose fat and get into shape you probably feel like you don’t have the time or motivation to get to your fitness goals on your own… I completely understand… hey I’m super busy too…so here’s what I’ve done…

I’ve created highly effective 30 minute workout routines…

The workouts are short, fast-paced and fun and they’ll have you looking better and feeling better in no time.

You’ll Be Shedding Fat in Less Time than It Takes to Watch Your Favorite TV Program

We know not everyone is the same, so our fitness and fat loss solutions are specific to YOUR goals, YOUR body type and YOUR life.


Here’s What Others… Just Like You… Have

To Say About The Results They’ve Achieved With This One of a Kind Program


“Love Coming Here!”

“Facility’s Awesome and Great Trainers!”

“Trainers are Excellent and Knowledge is Ridiculous”

“You Don’t Come Your Missing Out!”

“Dropped 30lbs I really recommend this place!”

“25lbs of Muscle Gained, You all Rock!”

“You want results Sign up Today!”

“Results are Amazing!”

“Personal Power Training and Scott White are the Best!”

“This Man Changed My life Forever!”

“Listen to The Clients Results at Personal Power Training!”

All the trainers are amazing and so inspirational. I get so motivated coming and looking at the Wall of Power and seeing how close I’m getting to my goals. This place is awesome the energy is great. Nicole Mathews

Jeff Cymbalski

I started 300lbs ago and got fed up with how I felt and looked. I knew I needed to make a change. Hell was even a personal trainer for years. I 1st found out about Personal Power Training from a friend who was getting amazing results. I was skeptical at first and figured I knew pretty much everything. I came in for a few workouts to try it out and I was blown away. I never knew how much there was to the human body, nutrition, and training. Personal Power Training inspired me so much I went to get my certification and asked to see if I could start working there as a personal trainer. I love it here the people are great and know I’m one of the trainers. This place is amazing we are constantly learning and reading new material and staying up on the latest trends to be the best for our clients. . Personal Power Training inspired me and showed me how easy it is to stay super fit, eat healthy, and live a better life. – Jeff Cymbalski Personal Power Training – Personal Trainer


Jeff C Before


Jeff C after

“I went from 34% body fat to 12% body fat.”

Weight Lost : 75 Lbs


Jamie Stoner

I thought I tried everything. I believed that no diet, no workout program, nothing would work. I was heavy and I started to accept that nothing would work. My trainer at Personal Power Training swept me off my feet they put me on a plan that started changing my life forever and I started getting results. I couldn’t believe it, I thought I was just one of those people that diet and exercise didn’t work on. Well I was fooled It’s not that it doesn’t work it’s just that there is way too much garbage out there that makes us believe this. My Trainer has inspired me and got me to drop weight fast and safely. No radical starvation diets. I actually was amazed how great of food they promoted and some of the recipes they have taught me my kids love and so do I. I didn’t realize all the wrong things I was doing until I hired Personal Power Training.  I owe you everything. I can’t believe it works and how easy it was. – Jamie Stoner Las Vegas Resident. I was an online client


Jamie Stoner before


Jamie Stoner after

“I went from 240lbs to 155lbs.”

Weight Lost : 85 Lbs


I love the workouts and enjoy all your staff. They have a lot of knowledge to share and everyone always makes me feel welcome. The other clients are really great too. Personal Power Training is a fun place to go and get healthy too! Jamie Martin.

Laura Orsini

I hated working out and I didn’t like coming to train and I wasn’t wanting to do what they told me. I got encouraged and motivated by being around such passionate people that loved helping that I finally fell contagious to there whole system and started enjoying my time and started seeing results. I can’t believe how passionate these trainers are and how much they know. I thank you for everything and thank myself for making the decision to hire Personal Power Training. They truly made a huge difference in the way I shop, eat, live, and exercise. – Laura Orsini Scottsdale Resident


Laura O Aug 21 2003 (1)


Laura O jan 30 2004 (1)

“I dropped 45lbs in 5 months”

Weight Lost : 45 Lbs



I wanted a fitter more toned body. I wanted to achieve a level of fitness I never had achieved before. I met on of the trainers at a event here in Scottsdale. Their personality was fun and refreshing.  I connected with them immediately. He suggested I come in for an assessment to see how they operate at Personal Power Training. I figured whatever there probably wasn’t anything they could do to help me that I don’t know already. I work at a large health club in here Scottsdale. I have trainers approach me all the time. I came in for the assessment and they broke down my nutrition, training, and lifestyle. I was blown away what they told me. Personal Power Training is amazing. I got results and surpassed me goals.  – Penny H Scottsdale Resident


Penny July 11 2003 (1).jpg 2



“I Dropped 10% Body Fat”

Body Fat : 10% Loss


Laith Anderson

The Team at Personal Power Training are unbelibalbe. My trainer has gotten me amazing results. I have learned more about nutrition and training then I ever thought was possible. I can’t believe I now know more then most personal trainers. I don’t know even close to what PPT  knows. These guys are legit they are by far the best training and nutrition company out there. Hell they even got rid of my knee pain with a few tips. You got to hire these people if they want results. I only hire the best and PPT is truly that. Schedule your 1st assessment and you will never go anywhere else.  – Laith Anderson Scottsdale Resident


Laith Anderson Befor


Laith Anderson after

“I Dropped 25% Body Fat”

Body Fat : 25% Loss


Sean Drolet

Training with Scott has been an enlightening experience.  Scott has educated me in regards to what I should eat and when to eat it.  I’ve taken this discipline approach and made it into a daily routine.  I feel much better with lots more energy.  I’ve also learned more exercises as well as proper technique.  I feel better, look better and have the information to continue on the road to success.   – Sean Drolet Scottsdale Resident


Sean D sept 9 2003 (2)


Sean D 10-16-2003 (2)

“I lost 6.5 lb of fat in 1 month”

Muscle Increase: 4.5lbs in 1 month