Personal Training

Personal Power Training is all about helping you reach your health and fitness goals.  We pride ourselves on having professional, educated, and experienced fitness trainers who are committed and genuinely concerned about you and reaching your goals. We don’t do this part time we do this full time. We live it breathe it and believe in it so much we get so excited to help motivate you to get all the results you want.

Each person is unique – we all are unique on the inside and outside we all have different health conditions and objectives, our training programs are customized based on each individual’s fitness goals, health history and current lifestyle condition.  With PPT’s trainers, armed with professional experience, Degree’s, national personal training and nutrition certifications, and ongoing workshops we are 100% confident that our personal trainers can motivate you to reach what you want by providing expert advice and guidance.  All of our fitness programs are customized and exclusive and are consistently reviewed to maintain the highest possible standards.

Personal Power Training personal trainers are not only great athletes and people, but they also have astounding successes with helping their clients and people like you achieve remarkable fitness results.  The dedication we all have here in our sports, lifestyle and career, our personal trainers are constantly growing to become better trainers and individuals themselves to serve our clients better. Click Here for your Free Training Session!

Weight Loss/Toning & Firming

At Personal Power Training, we believe in education and motivation. We pride ourselves in having long term client health and success, we are not into quick fix fad diets and programs that could be hazardous to you and our clients. We offer private and semi-private training and weight loss coaching that apply the principles of accelerated fitness in effective 30 minute or 1 hour sessions.

The commitment we take to your training and nutrition is indescribable, we formulate a customized eating plan, cardio routine, and workout program to fit your lifestyle to achieve a healthy body weight and maintain it forever.

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Nutrition & Supplementation

At Personal Power Training, we not only train you but we also educate you.   Exercise is extremely important for burning calories and keeping your vital organs healthy but almost to 80% of your fitness results will come from what you eat.

Our nutritionists will hold your hand and walk every step with you. They will teach you on what to eat or when to eat certain foods.   A training/cardio protocol and personalized eating plan will be designed for you to follow. We will track progress every step of the way.

In order to monitor your progress, a comprehensive body transformational assessment will be performed – these include the following:

* Body fat test – to determine your lean body mass and to know how much body fat you   have and how much you need to lose

* Circumference measurements – to determine your total inches

* Photos – to see differences from month to month

Sport Specific Program

We offer Sport Specific Training programs for newbies, youth, high school, college, professional, and olympic athletes of the following sports:

Football                         Hockey

Basketball                     Track

Volleyball                      Tennis

Baseball                        Golf and more

Whether you want to improve your speed, quickness, strength, coordination, power, balance, flexibility, mechanics, and or so much more – the training and conditioning programs that are offered reflect an outline of methods and techniques that Personal Power Training uses.

Our programs are the culmination of over 50 years of human performance research and coaching experience.  So, no matter what your want to achieve, our highly qualified trainers will work intensely with you to achieve maximum results. Click Here for your Free Training Session!

Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness

Personal Power Training is committed to help you with your bodybuilding/fitness/bikini/model/figure competitions, our trainers are excellent in this field.  You will have the privilege to work with trainers who have trained competitors at the national and international level.  They have a remarkable track record, tons of experience on training, nutrition, and posing and in-depth knowledge in the bodybuilding, figure and fitness world. Click Here for your Free Training Session!

Pre & Post Partum Pregnancy Workout

Whether you are trying to conceive, expecting or recently had a baby an amazing fitness and health can be achieved.

Personal Power Training trainers are going to work with mothers and mothers-to-be and prepare a personalized Pre & Post Partum Fitness Training.  Our personalized fitness training and services will help you meet all your needs during and after pregnancy.

It is our goal to prepare our clients to enjoy the journey of their pregnancy and be in their best physical condition in preparation for labor and the post partum year.

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Wedding Preparation

Are you trying to get in shape?  Or are you trying to look fresh for your wedding?  If you would like to be your absolute best on your wedding day, then your health and fitness should be at the top of your list.

With our fitness programs in Personal Power Training, we can help you be in your best condition that you can be for that special day.

And because we know that you have a deadline – we have time efficient solutions to help you overcome time limitations, help you get fit, lose weight, look better and have more energy for the special day.

Core Training

Do you want to improve your performance in any particular activity or simply to increase creativity and productivity at work, then strengthening your core muscles are an important role in your success.

Personal Power Training’ qualified trainers will educate you in what are your core muscles. Most people/trainers don’t understand what truly is your core muscles. We will also show you specific exercises to strengthen your core in the least amount of time needed.  Core strength training benefits include:

  • Increased energy
  • Lower back pain prevention
  • Improved Performance
  • Improved body posture and movements
  • Lean and strong abdominal muscles
  • Reduction in the risk of injury
  • Improved strength and body endurance
  • Faster, Stronger, Ripped Abs

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Flexibility/Mobility Improvement

Flexibility/Mobility improvement and maintenance is often overlooked as a vital part of fitness. We all have to understand that flexibility/mobility of the muscles is a major factor in preventing injuries, improving range of motion for joints, enhancing performance, and decreasing post-exercise soreness.

At Personal Power Training, we design dynamic warm-up routines, flexibility routines, and stretch programs for all of our clients. Our Flexibility enhancement program has shown to improve flexibility, rid back pain, and get amazing results in as little as 1 session, we can help you prevent injuries and improve your performance Guaranteed. Click Here for your Free Session!

Swimming Lessons

At Personal Power Training, swimming is refreshing experience.  Our qualified instructors will teach you swimming mechanics, building water confidence and will emphasize on water safety.

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Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics have most of the fat-burning and endurance-building benefits that you get from other forms of aerobic activity. This particular activity allows a person to exercise every muscle and joint in the body all at the same time.  And because the water causes your body to float, it lessens strains and stress on your joints and muscles.

The program is conducted by qualified aqua aerobics instructors, who will guide you and show you the benefits of water-related exercises.

So, if you need a new exercise program to tone up and stay healthy, you might consider aqua aerobics. Click Here for your Free Training Session!

Training & Conditioning for boxing & martial arts

Any MMA, martial arts or boxing participants should start with general conditioning before engaging themselves in intensive boxing and martial arts training.

Our customized training program will help build up your muscles, strengthen your joints and improve your balance, coordination, which will make it so you be able to start a martial arts and boxing program more injury-free. Click Here for your Free Training Session!

Therapeutic Massage

Many of us suffer from stress of modern-day living that causes many stress-related illnesses.  To help you to reduce or eliminate these damaging effects of accumulated stress, here at Massage Therapy Arizona, we offer therapeutic massage which plays a vital part in one’s healing.

Massage therapy has amazing benefits to people who are stressed, injured and sick, young, old, fit, unfit, small, large.  Whether your in need of relaxation, reduce muscle tension or attain relief from chronic pain, massage therapy continues to be a treatment that’s been proven to help.  At Massage Therapy Arizona, we strongly believe that regular massage improves your overall sense of emotional and physical well-being as well as your quality of life.

Some scientifically proven benefits of massage include: helping to prevent injuries, calming of nervous system, increasing blood supply to tissues.  Massage therapy also reduces tension, muscle soreness, headaches, and repetitive stress symptoms.

At Massage Therapy Arizona, our therapists are able to customize every detail of your therapy to achieve specific personal benefits.  We offer a variety of treatments which includes the following:

  • deep tissue
  • sweedish
  • low back
  • knee treatment for pain and stiffness
  • Thai Massage
  • chair massage
  • pre-post events sports massage
  • pregnancy massage

For rejuvination, we also offer:

  • Cranio-Sacral
  • Reflexology
  • Flexability/strentching
  • hand rejuvenation
  • Bowen Therapy
  • retreat for the feet

Through the healing power of touch we can learn to better care of ourselves!

Massage Therapy Arizona is an independent business, owned & operated by Isabel, Rachel, Bridget, and Kyle, Certified Massage Therapist, licensed in Scottsdale.

For more information & appointment call (480) 628-1607 or email at

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